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Love Never Dies:
From Heaven My Sister Speaks

About Angela -

Foremost, Angela Dawn is a sister and a daughter who has experienced firsthand what it is like to lose a loved one, and the tragedy and despair that comes with grief. Born and raised in England, Angela now resides in Pennsylvania. Angela has a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania and a Master’s degree from Villanova University. She has studied at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College of Psychic Sciences in Stansted, England and at Lily Dale Assembly in NY, the World’s Largest Center for the Science Philosophy and Religion of Spiritualism.


Interview: Angela Dawn

Q1: Can you describe the difficulty you faced in deciding to pursue the Spiritualistic connection to your mother and sister?

A: I never saw it as difficult. The difficulty was trying to live my life without them. It was the spiritualistic connection that gave me hope and the encouragement to get through a very difficult time in my life. I saw it as a solution to the despair I was in. Once I discovered it, it became a natural part of my life. I felt connected to the spirit world and connected to my mother and sister. It was as if I had a second chance on a relationship with them.


Q2: While discovering the connections you found and while writing your book, was it difficult to maintain your home and work life?

A: At first it was difficult in the sense that I became obsessed with my meditation sessions. After meditating for a few hours each morning I would spend the weekends typing up my notes. I was working part-time, which gave me some work-life balance. My husband was very supportive of me during this period of time.


Q3: What areas of your personal life have changed since writing your book?

A: My whole life changed since writing my book. I began to look at life and people through a different lens. I started to appreciate life and people more. I married my long-time sweetheart who had supported me through the loss of both my mother and my sister. He became my family. The philosophy that came from spirit on the purpose of life and the importance of love resonated with me. I became more compassionate towards other people. I began to wonder about complete strangers and about their lives: Were they happy or sad? Had they lost a loved one? How are they coping with their loss? I found myself smiling and speaking to strangers at shopping malls, at grocery stores, and anywhere I met new people. I smile a lot more and have happy, kind thoughts and words to say to people. I began to be genuinely happy for other people.


Q4: What plans do you have for helping others pursue a connection with lost loved ones?

A. Very often I meet people who have lost a loved one, and I share my story and experience with them. Most of them are very interested in learning more and whether they too can communicate with their loved ones. I explain that I believe that they can and explain how I was able to do so. I would like to teach as many people as possible about the existence of the spirit world, that life does continue after the physical death, and how they too can communicate with their loved ones. I plan to do this through small development circles where people meet on a regular basis and by holding workshops at churches, community halls, libraries, or anywhere there is a place for people to gather.   


Q5: How would you describe the differences between Spiritualism in the U.K. versus that of the United States?

A: The answer to this question could be a whole separate paper topic! Briefly, the nineteenth century was the heyday for Spiritualism in the both the U.K. and U.S., including the period up until WWI when families were in search of any communication from loved ones fighting in the war. The demonstration of evidential mediumship in Spiritualist churches is to prove the philosophy that life does continue after the death of the physical body. Today, Spiritualism is the 7th largest religion in the U.K. with approximately 600 churches compared to approximately 100 churches in the United States. It is part of the U.K. culture, especially in northern England between Manchester and Leeds where approximately 60 churches can be found.

In the U.S., Spiritualism was thriving after its discovery in 1848. However, in the 1920s, the famous American magician Harry Houdini, who was once a believer, discovered fraudulent mediums, and this changed the perception of the religion, and interest dwindled. Apparently, in New York in the early 1900s, there were 2,000 developing circles of 7-10 people where today—I have heard people say—that, unfortunately, only a dozen or so remain. Also, Spiritualism competed with the New Age movement, which became popular in the 1970s when many developed mediumistic skills; however, they did not associate themselves with Spiritualism. Today, there are many practicing mediums in the U.S. and the U.K. who are not Spiritualists and do not attend a Spiritualist church.


Q6: What plans do you have for sharing this text with others in need? How do you plan to share your findings?

A: As I stated above, I would like this text to reach those people who are grieving and who may be comforted by reading this book. I plan on sharing the text through small and large gatherings in churches, halls, assisted living homes, funeral homes, and anywhere else where there are grieving people, and where there are people who are interested in hearing more about the afterlife and the purpose of life.


Q7: Can you share some of the outside oppositions you faced while processing through your grief and coming to terms with your findings of an afterlife?

A: I was surprised to find very few outside oppositions, and, most surprisingly, the few I found came from some of my own friends! One friend believed that, by communicating with loved ones, I was preventing them from completing their journeys to heaven and that I was holding them back. Another referred to the afterlife as “nonsense.”  One friend told me that communicating with the spirt world was dangerous and that there were evil spirits out there and to be careful. My response to their concerns was that the spirit world is where our loved ones are and that they send nothing but their love. Other friends, and most who I met along the way, have been very interested and keen to learn more. Some people shared their own stories of sensing a loved one’s presence.


Q8: Do you still maintain contact with your mother and sister? If so, how is this contact continued? If not, what kind of contact do you still maintain with that world?

A: In the last few years, since I wrote my book, I went back into the corporate world full-time and have become very busy during the work week, bringing work home in the evenings and weekends and volunteering my time for three charitable organizations. Unfortunately, my time to meditate has become very limited. However, when I do meditate, and during times when I am in need of help, I find that they do come. Let me give you an example: when I was trying to finalize the second part of the title of my book, From Heaven my Sister Speaks, I had written over two pages of proposed titles. When I wrote the words “from heaven my sister speaks,” I became overwhelmed with emotion and began to cry. The tears streamed down my face, and I sobbed. I knew that it was my sister communicating with me.  Thoughts of her came into my mind, and I felt a sense of knowing that these were the right words to use.


Q9: Can you explain more of how spiritual energies work in our world?  

A: As many are aware, our bodies are composed of seven energy centers or chakras. The higher we raise our energy level through our energy centers or chakras the more elevated our consciousness will be. It is through our consciousness that we blend our energy with spirit energy. We can raise our energy level through meditation, which I did when writing my book. I had raised my energy level to a high level where I could very easily blend my energy with spirit energy.


Q10: Do you feel that spiritual energies are existent in those getting ready to crossover? How does energy change in situations such as prolonged illness?

A: I feel that our loved ones are there to help us when we are ready to crossover to the other side. I asked my sister, in the days before she passed, whether she had seen mother, and she nodded her head. Then, she looked toward the corner of the room, as if to say that is where mother appeared. I know that our loved ones bring love, and it is this love that gives us courage and comfort prior to our passing. Also, they come and bring their loving energy during times of prolonged illness. Once, my mother had a prolonged illness where she was in pain for many months with an undiagnosed abscess growing on her brain. The doctors stated that it was only a matter of time before she passed away. It was during this time that her grandmother, who had died many years before, appeared to my mother at her bedside and told her that everything was going to be all right. The loving energy that her grandmother brought eased her pain. My mother was able to lift her head up off the pillow and sit upright in bed. This was something that she had not been able to do in several weeks and something she did not do again until after the abscess was surgically removed.  So, yes, I do believe our loved ones come and use their loving energy to help us in our time of need.


Q11: Can you expand on the idea of reincarnation?

A: I did not have an opinion on reincarnation until my sister explained it to me in the book and showed me our past life together. Since that time, I have read several books on reincarnation. Now, I do believe that we are on this earth for a purpose, whether it is to learn a lesson for our own soul’s development or to help another soul on a journey. If we look at nature and look at the trees with their branches and leaves we can see how the old leaves fall in the autumn to make way for the new leaves and new growth in the spring. In this analogy, our souls are like the trees and the new leaves and new branches represent our lives on earth. In the same lifecycle of the trees, I believe that our souls can and do repeat this process.


Q12: How did your grieving experience change when your sister passed away? How was the process different than when your mother first passed—personally speaking?

A: When my mother passed away it was the first time that I experienced the loss of a loved one who was so close to me. All four children grieved with the comfort and support of one another. My sister, being the eldest, became the matriarch of the family, a role she also played as a child. When we lost her just a few years later it was like losing a mother all over again. The grieving process was different because, this time, we did not have anyone else to take her place. I became the matriarch and took on the role of comforting my twin sister and our younger brother. I wanted to help them through the grieving process while grieving myself. I helped them and myself by writing this book. Through updates of my meditation sessions, I was able to share the love that our mother and sister sent to all of us.


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